The material covering the spine.

The front and back covers of a hardcover book. In modern trade volumes, the boards are typically covered in paper or cloth. In special editions, they may also be covered in leather or other materials.

Colophon page
In modern limited editions, the page where the publication and limitation information is given.  Traditionally, it is the last page providing the facts about the production, author, title, date, and other details.  It is derived from Greek, meaning finishing touches.

Copyright page
In modern trade editions, the page—usually the verso of the title page—that contains the publication and copyright information. The edition identifier (if any) is usually found on this page.

Dust jacket. Also dust wrapper, dust cover (dw)
The paper cover issued with a hardbound book.  Usually pictorial, can be printed. 

Dust jacket protector
A clear plastic cover that wraps around the dust jacket.

The sheet pasted down on the inside cover and folded to form the first ‘page’ in the book.  There are endpapers in the front and back of the book.  The half of the sheet attached to the board is called the paste-down. The half that is left as a “page” is the free endpaper.

Free End Paper FEP
The endpaper half that is not pasted down to the boards.  There is a free end paper in the front of the book and back of the book.

Fly Leaf
The blank page following the end paper.

Fly Title

Front Free End Paper FFEP
The free end paper inside the front cover.  Very often this page is signed by authors.  

Half-title page
The page that precedes the title page, containing only the title of the book.

Limitation Page
The page where the specifics of the edition are described included the edition number.  Typically signed limited editions will be signed on this page.  It can be found in front or the rear of the volume.

The right-hand page of an open book. The “front” of a page.

Title page
The page preceding the text that carries on its recto the book’s title, the author’s name and the name of the publisher (and, sometimes, the location and logo of the publisher).

The left-hand page of an open book. The “back” of a leaf, also referred to as the reverse.

The covers of a paper-bound book, the printed or unprinted cover of a pamphlet.